Traumatic Seizure

I Screamed as I was being abducted

One of the most traumatic days of my life was when I had two huge men standing over me. I was scared and suddenly they came closer to grab me and I screamed! I screamed and fought and nobody seemed to understand that I don’t know these men and I was being abducted. I was in Walmart looking at CD’s moments before. After trying to reason with these two guys who managed to get me in the vehicle where they would take me to who knows where, I said, What is going on? They said, You had a seizure! I remember letting out a huge sigh of relief and shock when the men asked if I had any seizures before. I replied, yeah, but it was a long time ago.

I was still disoriented a bit because I thought that I was being abducted and my only way out would be to remember my name. So, they asked me what my name was. I answered that one correctly. Then they asked what my address was. I replied, Don’t tell me. I know the answer. I answered correctly. Whew. I sorta drifted off or something because I do not remember much after that. I remember seeing my Mom and Dave. I told my mom that I was being abducted and I was screaming so loud and fighting. My throat was killing me.

My mom had a totally different story. Dave agreed with her and it was so much more entertaining than what I remembered so here is the story in her words. She clearly was tired of repeating the story to me over and over so she typed it out so I could read over and over what happened.

Seizure in Walmart

Sheesh! Have you ever seen a kid kicking and screaming to the top of their lungs in Walmart’s CD department? Maybe she picked out some CD’s and her dad said she couldn’t have them or something. Nope, that’s not it this time.

Yesterday we were all kinda bored and decided to get out of the house for awhile. It was raining and yucky, so we went to Walmart to buy some groceries. Well, Jamie is a pain in the butt at the grocery store, and Dave and I can’t stand to be around her, so she went to the CD’s and we went to the groceries.

Just as we were finishing our grocery shopping, Dave headed toward the CD’s to get Jamie and I headed outside. But just as I was headed out the grocery side door, I was paged over the loud speaker. Hmmmm, why is she having me paged to the other side of the store when she knows we are on the grocery side?

Dave and I met up he heard the page and came back and we headed toward the other end of the store. But when we got there, Jamie was nowhere to be found. While I was standing in our designated meeting place on that side of the store looking in all directions for my child, a Walmart lady walked up to me and asked if I was Ms. last name deleted. Uh oh, something ain’t right! I nodded my head skeptically, and she walked closer toward me.

These were the words: She’s had a seizure and the ambulance just took her to the hospital. So I motioned for Dave who had been looking around the area for Jamie and told him what had happened. He left his buggy with the lady and we were off to the hospital.

Okay, now here’s where we found out the good part. We walk into the emergency room where the paramedics and nurse are doing the official hand-off. The nurse is changing her into one of those pretty little gowns. The paramedic is still in the room but it’s the nurse who tells me Jamie had to be restrained!!! What? Restrained? Jamie? Apparently in her state of disorientation, she thought she was being kidnapped. So in the middle of Walmart with everyone standing around watching her, Jamie started kicking with all her might and screaming to the top of her lungs. She said later that she remembers the intensity of her kicking and screaming, but those men who were kidnapping her grabbed her and tied her down. Since nobody who was standing around watching would come to her rescue, she said she raised her voice to a “higher pitch” and continued that level all the way out the store and into the ambulance. So now we have a kid strapped to the stretcher and tied down at all corners kicking and screaming as the paramedics wheel her through the store and down the aisles to the front entrance and out the door. Wonder what the shoppers were thinking. And wouldn’t I love to get a copy of that security tape.

Okay, now at the hospital, some of the details are coming to light. The back of her head hurts — maybe she hit it during her seizure. One arm is badly bruised and clearly shows fingerprint bruises — hmm, must have been in self defense. Look there, her watch stopped at 4:05 P.M and it’s 7:20 P.M! Did she beat herself up so badly in the seizure that her watch stopped?

As we were walking out of the hospital emergency room, we met the same paramedics who were dropping off another patient. We chatted for a brief moment and they wished her well. Nice guys — one of them that I had not seen when we first arrived — and he was most definitely a big boy, mid to high 6 foot range and solid, a football player appearance. Jamie had said they were strong and now I understand how strong. I thought about how difficult it must be for paramedics to lift a violent patient to the stretcher and restrain her. Oh well, I guess that’s why they get the big bucks. Just Kidding of course.

Well, that should be enough for the moment. I’m sure you get the picture.

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