A Freaky Story

I did not have my new guitar for very long before something freaky happened. If I didn’t mention a billion times already, this is a good time to mention again that I have epilepsy and chorea. The medicine does not help me when the walls get in my way so I do things like run into walls and drop things and I used to put guinea pigs on the floor for their playtime. Well, the story went something like this. I practiced my guitar while the piggies would run around me. When it was time to put them back, Dave was helping to catch the little ragamuffins that are running all around. Things are all done and my guitar is resting nicely in the guitar stand as I walk straight into it, causing the new left-handed guitar to fall and break the neck!

Smart Thinker

Dave is a really smart thinker. He automatically mentioned using the capo to hold the neck in place at least until it could get repaired. The people who repaired the guitar said that was a brilliant idea and I just was speechless cuz I just broke the new guitar so easily. Thankfully, they repaired it and due to fear I didn’t want to touch it.

Do not Fret

My guitar teacher at the time said just what I needed to hear. He said to not worry about breaking it or scratching it. It is tough and he demonstrated with his guitar so I accepted his word and slowly began to trust that maybe I can avoid breaking it. Must be like when you fall off a horse, get back up right away.

I am surprised the guitar is still in one piece after all these years. My guitar runs into walls with me. Anyway, I love my guitar and am very thankful for the left-handed version. I am just learning and eventually, I’d like to play and sing songs that I have written.

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